Professional onsite massage on St Maarten

Massage for Couples |Onsite Therapy


1 More  thing to scratch off the bucket list >> For Adaptable Couples  Massage while on st martin  - please Call 721 526 5574 to reserve a massage for 2

The best times for your body is now ! No need to fight traffic, find parking, or even wait weeks for an appointment. Our certified and licensed massage therapists are ready to serve you 7 days a week from 10am to 12am . And better yet, we can have a male or female therapist at your door within 2 hours !

For a couples massage from professional therapist while  on St.Maarten ,  call sxm massage service  now on (721) 526 5574 to experience these unforgettable massage sessions….! or via or form here When you arrange a couple session we travel to Cupecoy , French St.Martin ,Areas around Orient Beach and all hotel on either side of Saint Maarten , you and your partner have the choice to be massaged in separate rooms or in the same room if your residence has the rooms to facilitate it or by a female or male therapist .

Many other companies are springing up offering sensual massages on st maarten  , rememember a couple  things :

This is a sensitive  service and we can tell you now that we dont have any models working  for us .

What we have is a small network of professional , all  trustworthy ,  certified massage therapist  , all generally good looking , friendly ,  clean cut , all in good shape  , we never cross any unwanted or invisble boudries upon your request   and none of our professinal therapist work on beaches

If you cant convince your partner to try this , we encourage you not to push , these massages are not for everyone  and with that said you only live once and if you choose to try this , our company is the best choice  and being far from home and on a bliss vaction , we would love you to contact us

Rememeber  , we offer diffrent  types of massages , please specify the type of massage you wish to have  so we can send the appropriate team .  For some, that may be a relaxing Swedish integrated massage, for others a treatment targeted to very specific pain zones, and for yet others facial , scalp  massage  leaves even  your brain  feeling clean, soft, and smart -SXM onsite massage  offers you more than just a massage, we offer a complete sensual journey of relaxation and discovery that's discrete, adaptable, considerate and, above all, personal.

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