Sensual Couples Massage

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The best times for your body is now ! No need to fight traffic, find parking, or even wait weeks for an appointment. Our certified and licensed massage therapists are ready to serve you 7 days a week from 10am to 12am . And better yet, we can have a male or female therapist at your door within 2 hours !

For a couples massage from professional therapist while  on St.Maarten ,  call sxm massage service  now on (721) 526 5574 to experience these unforgettable massage sessions….! or via or form here When you arrange a couple session we travel to Cupecoy , French St.Martin ,Areas around Orient Beach and all hotel on either side of Saint Maarten , you and your partner have the choice to be massaged in separate rooms or in the same room if your residence has the rooms to facilitate it or by a female or male therapist .


We offer diffrent  types of massages , please specify the type of massage you wish to have  so we can send the appropriate team
SXM onsite massage  offers you more than just a massage, we offer a complete sensual journey of relaxation and discovery that's discrete, adaptable, considerate and, above all, personal.
For many years, wes been helping ladies to relax, un-wind and explore their sensuality with our considerate, caring and understanding approach to the sensual needs of women from all age groups, figures and backgrounds.
We understand that for many ladies, "taking the plunge" can be very daunting. Perhaps you're worried about your age or your figure. Maybe safety is an issue for you or you're embarrassed to talk about your massage needs and curiosity.


Couples who come to us for private sessions are often nervous at first, not really knowing what to expect with this being a new experience. That’s very natural. The unknown is soon put aside as you are introduced to relaxation in the beautiful space that we provide when you come to you , where sensuality and seductiveness awaits you for your own explicit pleasure.

Because we specialize in Naturist Massages , Orient Beach Club and the surrounding areas which consist of vacation homes and private villas are our best clients and we encourage you if you are visiting Saint Maarten and you are interested in receiving a professional massage - please contact us

For clients staying on the island ,we travel to your villa , private residence , hotel or yacht  so you can treat  yourself or someone you love  to our professional body therapy  while on vacation  and we are open until 11.00 pm daily


Thinking about a birthday present but do not want to go with the traditional buying of gifts?

Or simply want to bring both your relationships to another level of intimacy and sensuality.

Our Couple Sensual Massage is a good choice for both you and your partner to enjoy another level of sensuality, trust, and excitement whole on vacation on SXM . 

In Couples Sensual Massage, our trained female  or male Therapists will proposed to you as a couple to take up either one of the following styles:

The Couples Massage can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even moms and daughters sometimes, or best friends. contact us for more info