Massage for Couples | Sensual Massages

Couples Massage and group Deals | Female Clients 50 & over receive 30% discount

Let us come to you. Multiple therapist, male and female, available.
Many other companies are springing up offerring sensual massages , rememember a couple  things :

This is a sensitive  service and we can tell you now that we dont have any models working  for us, what we have is a small network of professional , trustworthy ,  certified massage therapist  , all generally good looking , clean cut , all in good shape  and we never cross any unwanted , invisble boudries upon your request .private residence , hotel or yacht  so you can treat  yourself or someone you love  to our professional body therapy  while on vacation  and we are open 24/7

Our Couple Sensual Massage is a good choice for both you and your partner to enjoy another level of sensuality, trust, and excitement whole on vacation on SXM . Try something Difrrent >> read more

In Couples Sensual Massage, our trained female  or male Therapists will proposed to you as a couple to take up either one of the following styles:

The Couples Massage can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even moms and daughters sometimes, or best friends. contact us for more info

This massage service unfortunately is not for everyone but those that dare to try a sensual massage  while on vacation in the Caribbean  and happen to be on St.Maarten will find it something very direct and exciting and best of all it can be tailored for two  .

We understand that people that are trying a sensual massage for the first time will be nervous  but we always like to emphases that our massage workers are very professional and understand your concerns , we never cross any unwanted boundaries and yet are ready to make you feel complete

Sensual Type Massage with a Swedish touch  provides comfort and relaxation. Our Massage therapist will utilize smooth strokes combined with vibration and tapotement to relax soft tissue and if you choose our sensual massage , you will be delighted by what soft professional hands can do -